More than just a Personal Trainer

The Evolution Health Coaching programs offer you more than just a personal trainer, we offer complete lifestyle programs.  We provide evidence based training methods that allow for sustainable, long term growth and improvement.

Our coaches, Corey, Sachin, Vanessa, Maddie and Em are passionate about designing a fitness program for you that you’ll enjoy and providing you with a supportive community to help you on your health journey.

If you want to feel good, look good, be healthier, get stronger and want a long term solution, then Evolution Health Coaching is just what you need.

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What you can expect from your health coaching membership

Goal Setting

Before we commence training, you will undertake a goal setting session.

In this session we’ll develop more than just fitness goals, they will be overall lifestyle goals that you want to achieve.

Functional Movement Assessment

Your first session with us will include a functional movement assessment.  This is a one hour, one-on-one session with your coach.  During this session, we work with you to assess your health and fitness. This will help us determine your training program.  We develop science based strength training programs that are uniquely tailored to your needs.

Coaching Sessions

Next you will attend your first 60 minute session. You receive focus and guidance from your coach in a fun and supportive environment. You can choose from the sessions available on the days and times that suit your lifestyle. 

Tools for Health and Fitness Success

As a part of your membership, we provide you with the key tools you’ll need to work towards your health goals

Personal Trainer App

The Evolution Health personal trainer app is a fitness game changer.  This connects you directly with your coach who can provide you with your weekly training programs that are altered based on your current training situation.  You can even have tailored programs if you are not going to be able to make it into the gym, for example if you are going on holidays or have to isolate.

Myzone Heart Rate Monitor

MyZone ensures accurate heart rate monitoring, so our coaches can guide your workout intensity effectively. We use it to help encourage our members to do more in and out of the gym. It seamlessly integrates data tracking and personalized training intensities, fostering motivation and accountability in our team. 

Nutrition App

An essential part of our program is our healthy eating guide. Using the app you can monitor your diet and ensure you are staying on track towards your health goals even when you are not in the gym.

Booking App

We provide you with a booking app so you can book in your training sessions when it suits you best or change your training sessions as you need.  No need to call, you can manage this at any time.

Small group fitness training

Integrated Health Programs

Do you have health concerns, injuries, dietary concerns or requirements? During your initial consultation, your coach will work through all your needs, goals and concerns. We work closely with dieticians physiotherapists and other specialists where required to ensure you can set realistic and achievable health and fitness targets that are 100% tailored to your physical capabilities and dietary requirements. That is why Evolution Health HQ offers you more than just a personal trainer.

Your Evolution Health Coaching Membership

Working with Evolution Health HQ you sign onto a fitness and health membership program that gives you unlimited access to all the apps, 6 day a week access to training sessions with our coaches and individual weekly training programs.  Plus  you will also receive free health, fitness and lifestyle seminars with independent experts.

We have a 14 day trial so you can ensure that this is the right coaching package.  We also want you to ensure you feel our community is the right fit for you. Check out our comparison between other fitness providers in Narre Warren!

Unlimited weekly workouts

Get coached through as many sessions as you like! We work around your schedule and your goals to give you the best possible outcomes.

Small group training

Our small group training sessions are capped at 4 people per trainer to allow for more focused coaching.

All training apps included

Included in your membership is access to our coaching tools. We use several apps to create a custom coaching experience that integrates seamlessly with your life.


per week

Get access to unlimited sessions for one set price. No hidden fees!




Understanding what a ‘healthy’ lifestyle is and what steps need to be taken to achieve it can be extremely overwhelming. Corey makes it his mission to teach you the what’s, why’s and how’s of health and fitness so you can feel confident when you make the change.


Sachin has a true passion for helping his clients get the best out of themselves. He’s dedicated to being there along the journey to better health. With 10 years of experience, he truly understands the ins and outs of getting you to your end goal. He truly values the relationships he’s built with his clients and takes pride in making sure they understand that he’s in their corner the whole way through.


Vanessa believes finding movement that you enjoy, training with weights to make you strong and eating a balanced diet full of healthy and nutritious food are the fundamentals to creating a body that looks and feels healthy, strong and fit. Expressing yourself freely and having self love and showing self care are divine parts of life, and meant to be cultivated and experienced often.


With a strong belief in investing in your health, Maddison wants to share her knowledge and passion for the fitness industry with as many individuals as possible. She believes in educating her clients and giving them what’s needed to create a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle. With a love for strength and endurance training, her passion is supporting, guiding and motivating her clients to achieve their goals.